Bumblebee Identification

Before carrying out a bumblebee survey you should make sure that you are familiar with the 3 species we are interested in. It is also very helpful to be aware of other species that you might see. 

Tree bumblebee

Whether you're a beginner, or just want to refresh your memory, come along to one of our free training events, to help improve your survey and ID skills. You can discuss bumblebee ID and post your questions on the Community Science forum.

Below are some bumblebee ID resources:

Training Presentation PDF 

Survey Guide

Bumblebee ID Videos - Youtube Playlist

Field Guide to the 8 Most Common Bumblebees PDF

Bilberry Bumblebee - Friends of the Earth guide

Bumblebee collection on Flickr - excellent resource by entomologist Steven Falk

 Links to external sites:

Bumblebee Conservation Trust Bumblebee Conservation Trust: A wealth of information about bumblebees and what you can do to help them.
BeeWatch BeeWatch: Survey includes online tool for identifying your bee photos. An excellent training resource.
BWARS Bee, Wasp and Ant Recording Society: Useful information to help you identify what you have seen.
iSpot iSpot: Community where you can upload your photos for identification and help ID other people's pictures.
Natural History Museum Natural History Museum: Their website has an excellent interactive bumblebee ID guide.


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