Bumblebee Survey

To take part in this survey you walk a fixed route of approximately 1km (known as a transect) and record the bumblebees you see along the way. You then repeat this route once a month throughout the bumblebee season (between March and October).

We are collecting sightings of 3 species of bumblebee. They have been chosen because they are easy to identify and can be used as indicators of climate change. Click the info icons below for more details about bees we have selected for this survey.

Bilberry bumblebee Tree bumblebee Red-tailed bumblebee
Bilberry bumblebee Tree bumblebee Red-tailed bumblebee


We already have 10 locations set up across moorlands in the Peak District with transects which are ready for you to use. But you can also set one up in your local area if you have a route which you regularly walk in or near areas of moorland.

 How do I get involved?

1. Decide if you would like to use one of our existing transects or set up your own. If you would like to use an existing transect, consult our map and choose a location. If you would like to set up your own, please contact us with details of your suggested route.  

2. Once you know where your survey will take place, download and print a transect pack for your chosen location, and a survey guide which will tell you how to conduct the survey. Additional blank recording forms are also available to download. If you are already confident about bumblebee ID or have taken part before, you’re ready to go. However if you are new to surveying then… 

3. Take part in a free bumblebee survey training event. Check our events page to see if there is one near you, or contact us to suggest a location where you would like us to run one. We also have online bumblebee identification resources to help train you or refresh your memory. 

4. Carry out your surveys, ideally once a month between March and October.  

5. Submit your results using our iRecord portal. For full details of how to do this, see our submit results page. If you need help using iRecord you can watch our video guides or download our PDF guidance document.

Please note: While carrying out this survey you do so entirely at your own risk. Moors for the Future do not accept any liability or responsibility for the well-being of surveyors or damage/loss of their property. Download our Health and Safety Guidelines here.

Bee illustrations (c) Chris Shields. 

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