Bumblebee Transects

Below is a map showing the locations of existing bumblebee transects. Click on each icon for more information to help you locate a suitable survey site.


Once you have chosen which site you would like to survey, download the transect pack and/or GPS (GPX) files from the table below. Some sites have 2 transects - called T1 and T2.

Core Transects

These 'core' transect have a transect pack available to download, Each pack contains a transect guide, map, recording form and health and safety guidelines.

Survey site Transect Pack GPS points
Birchen Edge Birchen Edge GPX
Blacka Moor Blacka Moor GPX
Crompton Moor  Crompton Moor GPX
Crowden  Crowden GPX
Dove Stone  Dove Stone GPX
Edale  Edale GPX
Holme  Holme GPX
Longhaw Estate Longshaw Estate GPX
Marsden  Marsden GPX
Midgley Moor Midgley Moor GPX
Snake North  Snake North GPX
Snake South  Snake South GPX
The Roaches The Roaches GPX
Torside  Torside GPX
Totley Moss  Totley Moss GPX
Trans Pennine Trail  Trans Pennine Trail GPX
Wyming Brook Wyming Brook GPX


Additional Transects

These additional transects have been created by volunteers, so don't have a full transect pack to download. However, the GPX file can be loaded on to a GPS unit or smartphone to show you where the transect sections start and finish.

Survey site GPS points
Baslow Edge GPX
Dale Top GPX
Duke's Road GPX
Holmfirth GPX
Ilkley Moor GPX
Kinder Reservoir GPX
Langsett GPX
Longstone Moor GPX
Middle Moor (Little Hayfield) GPX
Oxstones GPX
Shatton Moor GPX
Stanton Moor GPX
Todmorden GPX

Download the survey guide (which contains the survey method) and any additional recording sheets you want from the attachments below:

Document File size
Bumblebee Survey Guide 0.8MB
Bumblebee Survey Recording Form 0.5MB

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