Projects and volunteering opportunities

Marsden Moor National Trust

Peak Park Conservation Volunteers

Pollinating the Peak (Bumblebee Conservation Trust)

RSPB volunteering and RSPB Dove Stone

Eastern Moors Partnership


Peatlands and Biodiveristy

Below are some links to further reading about peatlands and biodiversity: 

IUCN UK Peatland Programme 

The Peat Compendium

National Trust - Key peatland projects 

RSPB/United Utilities  - Blanket bog restoration at Dove Stone


Climate change research

Links to various organisations involved in studying climate change to help you keep up to date with some of the latest research:

IUCN Peatlands Programme - Peat Bogs, Climate and Climate Change

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Imperial College London - Grantham Institute Climate Blog

NASA - Global Climate Change

Nature journal - latest climate change papers

University of Cambridge: Centre for climate change mitigation research

University of Reading: Walker Institute publications

Our Partners

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